Owing scores, and pneumonia were associated with increased risk of mortality by univariate analysis. However, only age (p = 0. 002) and pneumonia (p = 0. 0008) were independently associated with mortality by multivariable analysis. Pneumonia was associated with a 20% incidence of death. Patients with pneumonia had significantly worse deglutition and anastomotic integrity on barium esophagogram compared with patients without pneumonia (p < 0. generic viagra 001, mann-whitney rank sum test). Conclusions: morbidity and mortality of eg are significant, but most complications, including anastomotic leak, are not independent predictors of mortality. The most important complication after eg is pneumonia. Strategies to decrease postoperative mortality should include careful assessment of swallowing abnormalities and predisposition to aspiration by cineradiography or fiberoptic endoscopy. After eg, acceptable pharyngeal function and airway protection should be verified before resuming oral intake. This article has been cited by other articles: s. cheapest viagra online pharmacy Sihag, c. D. Wright, j. C. Wain, h. A. Gaissert, m. Lanuti, j. S. cheapest viagra pills Allan, d. J. Mathisen, and c. R. viagra for sale Morse comparison of perioperative outcomes following open versus minimally invasive ivor lewis oesophagectomy at a single, high-volume centre eur j cardiothorac surg, september 1, 2012; 42(3): 430 - 437. viagra without a doctor prescription [abstract] [full text] [pdf] t. D'annoville, x. B. D'journo, d. Trousse, g. Viagra with alcohol Brioude, l. Dahan, j. F. Seitz, c. Doddoli, and p. cheap viagra online canadian pharmacy A. why are people in bathtubs in the viagra commercials Thomas respiratory complications after oesophagectomy for cancer do not affect disease-free survival eur j cardiothorac surg, may 1, 2012; 41(5): e66 - e73. [abstract] [full text] [pdf] p. Jagan, s. Hariharan, d. viagra cost walmart Chen, t. -k. Tan, j. viagra tablets for men price in india -x. Zheng, j. Goh, o. Tarabrin, v. Suslov, v. Fesenko, s. Shcherbakov, et al. viagra tablets for men price in india Critical care br. J. buy generic viagra usa Anaesth. , march 1, 2012; 108(suppl_2): ii75 - ii104. Bayer viagra erfahrungen [full text] [pdf] c. Desi viagra price delhi T. Bakhos, t. Fabian, t. O. Oyasiji, s. Gautam, s. P. Gangadharan, m. S. Kent, j. Martin, j. viagra prescription F. Critchlow, and m. M. Decamp impact of the surgical technique on pulmonary morbidity after esophagectomy ann. Thorac. Surg. , january 1, 2012; 93(1): 221 - 227. [abstract] [full text] [pdf] s. D. M. can you buy viagra in europe Handagala, e. Addae-boateng, d. Beggs, j. P. Duffy, and a. E. cheap viagra online Martin-ucar early outcomes of surgery for oesophageal cancer in a thoracic regional unit. Can we maintain training without compromising results? Eur j cardiothorac surg, january 1, 2012; 41(1): 31 - 35. [abstract] [full text] [pdf] m. K. Ferguson, a. http://classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-online-order-viagra-tb/ D. Celauro, and v. Prachand prediction of major pulmonary complications after esophagectomy ann. Thorac. Surg. , may 1, 2011; 91(5): 1494 - 1501. [abstract] [full text] [pdf] z. -j. Zhu, y. generic viagra price comparison Hu, y. -f. Zhao, x. viagra pills buy -z. Chen, l.. viagra pill wiki viagra 30 day trial coupon http://transromania-run.ro/aeronet/thermater.php?jqj=555654 viagra 40 mg pills http://transromania-run.ro/aeronet/thermater.php?jqj=555358 http://transromania-run.ro/aeronet/thermater.php?jqj=556495 viagra o viagra cual es mejor side effects women use viagra http://transromania-run.ro/aeronet/thermater.php?jqj=558106 viagra side effects on eyes